Who am I

  • Sai Chaitanya Cherukumilli is a Professional Software Developer experienced in Web and Full Stack Development.
  • He believes in a do-it-yourself attitude and building things from scratch. He wants to live in a world where technology can be used to solve all the mundane "what if we could?" problems.
  • He loves coffee and quiet sunday afternoons.
  • His better half is Indrani Gorti, who is also a software developer specializing in Data Science and Machine Learning.


Software Engineer - nLogic Current
NLogic provides statistically accurate representation of TV and Radio listeners in Canada to Advertisers, and Broadcasters. This data is treated as the go-to data and is exclusively used to set the prices for commercial spots. My role as a Software Engineer is primarily working on a platform used by the Radio and TV Industry to generate reports and analyses regarding the Program, Station, and Advertisement ratings. I have also introduced a collaboration module that will be primarily used by the industry to buy/sell TV and Radio commercial spots. The platform's backend is powered by .NET Core, with the frontend powered by Angular2 and Bootstrap.
Software Developer - Gryphtech
Gryphtech is a primary software provider for Remax across 80 different countries. During my time at Gryphtech, I was responsible for building an application for Real Estate Brokerages to manage their back office transactions, customer relations and agent billing. The transactions, agent billing were integrated with Intuit QuickBooks.
Software Developer - Couch and Associates Inc.
Couch & Associates Inc. is a marketing consulting company with many high profile clients like Oracle, Dunn and Bradstreet, Wolters Kluwer, Intrawest etc. As a Software Developer at Couch & Associates, I have worked on a lot of marketing automation contracts with such clients. The applications provided integrations with Eloqua, Salesforce and Marketo and were implemented using languages and technologies that the clients preferred. I had also been responsible for managing the applications on Amazon Web Services, managing the company's Team Foundation Server, deploying applications between Development, Staging and Production environments. I had also managed an outsourced team in India to foresee development of projects. I worked on technology stacks ranging from legacy VB.NET 2.0 to AngularJS and Ruby on Rails.


Masters of Computer Science - Ryerson University
Bachelors of Computer Engineering - Ryerson University
  • Software Engineering
  • Embedded Computer Systems
  • Robotics
  • Databases
  • Computer Networking
  • Intro to Hadoop and Map Reduce
  • Microsoft Certified Professional - Programming in HTML5, JS and CSS
  • Mongo for DBAs Mongo for Node.js Developers
  • Oracle Certified Java SE6 Programmer MySQL 5 Certified Associate


  • Website Development
  • Application Development
  • Automation Services
  • Integration Services - Salesforce, Quickbooks, Eloqua, Marketo, etc.
  • Consulting

Samples and Hobbies


Game development

2D Platformer game with Scala/LibGDX


Cooking and Recipes

Look Up and Discover Recipes by Selecting Ingredients


Secure Chatting

Secure Chat with SocketIO, NodeJS and AES Encryption


Multi-tenant with MongoDB

An Approach to Multi-Tenant Applications with MongoDB


Real-time with Socket.IO and NodeJS

Real-time Push Notifications in a Distributed Environment with NodeJS, RethinkDB and Socket.IO


Data Analysis

Apache Spark and Scala


I am available for freelance work and consulting.